Incognito Systems provides specialist database services for Microsoft SQL Server systems.  With professionally qualified people experienced at some of the largest institutions in the world we believe that with our help your systems can be tailored to perform more effectively and to generate a real return on investment.


What can we do for you?


- Database system evaluations


With increasingly more complicated systems it is more likely that developers, in the rush to make release dates, miss potentially damaging issues, that administrators do not get the chance to change everything that needs to be before release or whilst the system is in production.  This service will check your database against best practices and issue a report detailing any potential issues.


- Database administration services


Need DBA skills fast ->>


- Database design and development


Why not send us the functional specifications and we will design, code and test the database backend to the highest standards and be onsite for launch.



Our services can be personalized and are offered onsite European wide or remotely to suit your needs.  We pride ourselves on a seamless integration into your existing teams.


Incognito Systems is proud of the work it completes and stands by it.